Looking for secure retirement income?

Many Canadians are searching for a solution to provide them with a secure source of retirement income.

Here is the situation:

  • Boomers account for more than 30% of all Canadians – the largest segment in the country. The oldest turn 65 in 2011. That means retirement is top of mind for an ever growing number of Canadians today.
  • The Canadian Pension Plan and Old Age Security  benefits may not cover the average income required by a number of Canadians in retirement. Many believe that 70% – 80% of their pre-retirement income will be required to maintain the standard of living they are looking for in their retirement years.


Retirement Risks:

Longevity Risk.

Good news… Canadians are living longer!  At age 65 the average Canadian can expect to live nearly 20 more years! This does raise a concern that it might be possible to outlive our savings.

Inflation Risk

Inflation erodes the value of retirement savings, leaving you vulnerable to increases in basic living expenses.

Market Risk

Studies indicate that five years before and after retirement are a critical juncture called the retirement risk zone. During this 10 year period, short term losses can have negative long term consequences on retirement income because there is no time for investments to rebound.


The days when everyone started full retirement at 65 are gone. Between Canadians that are phasing down work hours, starting new careers or study, volunteering and travel, there is no standard definition of retirement anymore. And there is no standard age to start retirement.

How about a plan that would allow you to live retirement on your own terms?  A plan that would allow you to start taking retirement income as early as 55. You decide.

These days there is so much uncertainty around us. From economic upheaval to market volatility.  With retirement on the horizon you need security and certainty. Predictability and peace of mind.

Believe it or not there is a way to address each of these concerns and plan for the retirement you dream of. It’s called Class Plus .

Would you like to know more? Download this brochure to see how it works   Retirement Income Strategy