Life is a Fuzzy Affair

Ever had your windshield wiper’s fail you in the middle of a heavy rain fall? I mean one of those real heavy rain falls where the water is falling in sheets on your windshield.
It happened to me a little while ago…I had to slow to a crawl and could still barely see where I was going.
Peering thru that layer of water was kind of like slipping on a pair of glasses of someone who is severely visually impaired. Everything looks really FUZZY! I could hardly tell if the traffic was moving forward, turning or stopping in front of me. Not a good situation!
I got to thinking about it and realized that a windshield wiper does for safe driving what some planning will do for your financial future. Both make the way clear and help you to arrive safely wherever it is you are going.
For many, retirement is a fuzzy concept. For some… life is a fuzzy concept… but that’s another story for another time.
But just like looking thru that windshield layered with a sheet of water retirement is often nothing more than a vague idea for someday down the road. Hey it’s way out there… don’t need to be concerned about that yet… UNTIL… all of a sudden something happens… something in your life like a TRIGGER makes you realize… great scott… it’s just around the corner… all of a sudden it becomes crystal clear.. what was for later becomes for today…. Happen to anyone?
Here are a couple of triggers that you may have experienced.
Maybe your youngest child has moved out … for good. Or maybe you’ve just paid for your last child’s wedding. Perhaps you just received the last promotion you think you will ever receive. Or your closest friend dies of natural causes.
The fact is if we don’t take the time to plan for the future earlier on in life, I can guarantee that you will be jolted into action later in life when it’s a much tougher job to do. SO it’s up to each of us to decide.
We are all human I know… I’m one too. I know that sometimes it’s just easier to put off some things that are still quite away down the road. If you procrastinate doing repairs to the home or car it can land up costing you more when you finally get to it. We all know this… but we will often take our chances and hope that we can leave it for now and deal with it at a later time without consequence.
Taking this approach to your retirement plan can be a lot more devastating however. Having to sell the family home at an inopportune time or having to ask the kids to buy a home with a suite is no laughing matter.
A little planning can go a long way! It’s true.