Landing right on target.

I have always loved photography! Ever since I was a young boy I dreamed of being  a professional photographer.  More specifically a journalist, telling stories in pictures. Photography is such a powerful tool of communication

Although I did not pursue it as a full time career I continued to enjoy photographing people in their day to day lives… telling their story in pictures from their point of view.

Taking a photograph or portrait of an individual, freezes them in a single moment of time, in a split second and captures their image forever  to be remembered and enjoyed for years to come.  It’s been said  that a picture is worth a thousand words.  “Complex concepts can be described with just a single still image.”

Sometimes stopping the action for just a moment in time will allow you to study the essence or the individual you are photographing in greater detail.  I’m sure you have seen high speed photography capturing the movement of a hummingbird’s wings.  Or the trajectory of a speeding bullet. We’ve all seen this in the movies…  remember “the Matrix” as the hero leaps from one building to the next… suddenly they are thrown first into slow motion and finally frozen in time as the camera then  slowly revolves around them.  You get to see them at every angle and study their movement  in mid flight!

When I meet with someone like you the first thing we need to do is stop the action in mid air –and take that initial, freeze frame. Just like in the movies. Then while in this frozen state we rotate that camera all the way around, to determine whether or not you are actually on target to reach the roof top you were initially leaping for. Cause right now you could be in a vulnerable state… in mid air, in transition… where misjudging could be too costly.

But while suspended there in mid air  we study your angles, air speed etc and make whatever adjustments are necessary to ensure you land on target … right where you wanted to be from the beginning.

Think of it this way… that freeze frame is where you are today. That’s reality. Now we must use some tools…  like Photoshop is used in the photo world,  to create  what you want your future to look like. First we must sketch it then paint it so we can visualize it, because it is not yet reality but because you’ve now planned for it and designed your life to obtain it… you will reach your goals so that later on you will be able to photograph it because it is reality.

Helping you create the future of your dreams is my job.

Never forget… Life keeps moving forward regardless of consequence.   Make sure you have the right person in your corner helping you land right on target!